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August 31st 2015

Canada’s premier urban wilderness park, Rouge Park, now has its oTENTik!

Two new oTENTik have been installed and are now accessible to the public in the Rouge National Urban Park, located in and near Toronto. Both units are connected together and are equipped with a universal access ramp. A new design and installation by Biome-Canada’s team.

A wonderful opportunity for everyone to discover what is an oTENTilk while enjoying nature right in the city!

Parc de la Rouge / Rouge Park

March 15th 2015

Installation of an oTENTik ready-to-camp by Biome-Canada.
Produced by : Productions 4 Éléments

February 9th 2015

Our accommodation page has been updated to include all new installations of oTENTik and yurts by Biome Canada. Go for the winter camping, redesigned for a warm experience with family, friends or for a romantic getaway. Discover a variety of places to visit, each more enchanting than each other. Visit our accommodation page for all locations in Canada where you can stay in an oTENTik tent or in a yurt by Biome Canada.

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